Group Outings for Scouts


$6.00 per scout (leaders free).

Parents & tag-a-longs $7.00 each.

Contact the Party Department at for more information and to reserve your spot. We also offer unique fundraising opportunities.

Includes rental skates, two hours of skating during public session, and Sugar Land Ice activity patch. For large groups, private ice may be available. Reservations are required.


Broomball is great group entertainment and individual exercise thatâ€â„¢s played on the ice. This is a perfect activity for larger groups such as Packs and Service Units. The rules and strategies of broomball are similar to hockey. Team players strike a ball the size of a small soccer ball with specially designed brooms and try to score goals into a net guarded by a goal-tender. The brooms are made of corn-straw dipped in rubber or solid molded rubber, and are perfect for sweeping your team to victory. Broomball originated in Canada in the early 1900 and has grown into a popular sport on all levels with youth, men, women and coed teams playing competitively and recreationally. Sugar Land Ice & Sports Center provides the brooms and the ball.

Contact the Party Department at for more information.