Stick & Puck

Calendar for week of Aug. 17-27:

Thursday, Aug 17: 2:15pm rink A

Friday, Aug 18: 2:15pm rink A and 5:30pm rink B 

Sunday, Aug 20: 6:45pm rink A

Monday, Aug 21: 2:15 pm rink A and 5:45pm rink A

Tuesday, Aug 22: 2:15pm rink A  

Wednesday, Aug. 23: 2:15pm rink A and 6:00pm rink B

Thursday, Aug 24: 2:15pm rink A

 Friday, Aug 25: 2:15pm rink A and 5:30pm rink B

Sunday, Aug 27: 6:45pm rink A 

We have 2 ways of getting on the list for Stick & Puck.  ($15)

    * call the pro shop the day of the event.  They can take your credit card or Membership card passes over the phone to sucure your spot.    Call 281.265.7465 during store hours.

     * go in person to put your self on the list and pay.

No slots are guaranteed unless they are paid in full on the day of the event.  Subject to first come first serve. 


Stick and puck sessions are available for individuals of all ages to practice their hockey skills (skating, passing, shooting, puck handling, etc.).

These times are not intended to be used as scrimmage time. Instead, Stick and Puck is designed to give players the chance to practice what they learned in your hockey classes or just play around in your hockey gear and equipment.

To ensure the safety of all our skaters, you are required to follow Sugar Land Ice & Sports Stick & Puck Safe Conduct and Participation Rules.

You are also required to wear full hockey gear and helmet.

 Under 18 years of age are required to wear full face cage. 

 *You must provide your own pucks.

Approved Sugar Land Ice coaches are allowed to teach on puck sessions.  Contact our Hockey Director for more information.

Stick & Puck Rules