frances From September through May Sugar Land Ice & Sports Center offers approximately 40 hours per week of training sessions. These sessions are designed for training figure skaters. Sessions are leveled by freestyle competition level with most sessions open to skaters of all levels Freestyle 1 and above. In addition to our many freestyle sessions, we provide a full compliment of off and on-ice training classes such as ballet, power builder, and on-ice jump and spin. While we do have to modify our schedule from time to time due to events being held at the rink, our normal weekly training session schedule is shown below. We also add additional session times during holidays. Please check the rink calendar or event flier to confirm the dates and times or call us for more information. Schedule changes are also posted on the website when they occur and at various locations throughout the lobbies of Sugar Land Ice. Training classes are taught by our team of highly rated coaches. From former Olympic medalists to world class choreographers and skating professionals, Sugar Land Ice & Sports is proud to be home to one of the finest teams of skating coaches in the nation. It is this group of dedicated professionals that makes Sugar Land Ice & Sports Center the strongest training facility in the Gulf Coast region. Feel free to use the link above to contact our coaches directly or contact our skating director for more information.




Eligibility for specific Freestyle sessions and training classes depend on the level at which a skater competes.

LOW – Freeskate 1 – Pre-Preliminary Freeskate

HIGH – Well Balanced Preliminary Freeskate and higher

OPEN – Passed Pre-Preliminary Moves in the Field
BASIC SKILLS – Basic Skills 1 to Freeskate 6


Mark Janoschak, Figure Skating Director Tel: 281.265.7461 Fax: 281.265.7464 Email: