The Learn to Skate program runs year-round without interruption. You can always enroll and join in to classes that are underway. Beginners start at "Snowplow Sam 1" for those 4-5 years old. Those 6 years or older start with "Basic 1"

 We are constantly evaluating the skaters’ progress and promoting them when they are ready, This will allow the coaches more time to assess the skaters' progress and allow the skaters to move up at their own pace. The obvious benefits to the skaters include being able to move through the levels quicker if  they are ready, or getting extra help on a skill that needs it. Skaters graduating from this program will be better skaters as a result.

Skaters need not sign up for a specific day; they will sign up for a level, and a set number of classes per month. They then can attend on any day the class is offered. 4 classes per month is $100, and 9 classes per month is $162.50. Stroking is $72 for 4 classes, and 9 classes is $117.00  

When logging in on the web site listed at the top, use your email address associated with your Learn to Skate account, click "forgot password” and follow the usual step to reset a password through your email address.

Once you have logged on, go to the "Contracts” tab towards the upper left 

Learn to Skate Contract choices are good for any Learn to Skate class, from Snowplow Sam 1 and preschool/homeschool classes to freeskate 6 classes. They can also be used for the Basic Skills or Freeskate Workshop classes. It allows the skater to skate either 4 or 9 classes a month depending on the option you choose. The amount will automatically re-bill at the start of the next 4 weeks. The classes themselves, will not expire for 2 months, allowing the skater to make up any missed classes. Learn to Skate sessions cannot be used for Stroking or Power Builder.

We used to be assigned to a specific day, I don’t see anywhere to select what day I will come.

With the new system, you will be able to use your class credits on any day. You will not be assigned to one day. 

What is the Make-up Policy?

The classes you purchase will not expire for 2 months, which will allow you time to make up any sessions you miss.

What happens if I want to temporarily or permanently stop lessons?

If you want to stop your contract, you must give at least a 30-day notice that you want to stop by contacting our skating director, Mark Janoschak at skating@sugarlandice.com, and CC info@sugarlandice.com

I heard the new process will not have a week dedicated to testing. How will my child be evaluated and how will I find out that they are changing levels?

Each time a LTS lesson occurs, the coaches will have a binder that contains the evaluation sheets for each student enrolled in that level. As children pass a skill, it will be noted on their evaluation sheet. Whenever a child completes all the skills for their level, the skating director will notify their parents and advance their level within the system. 

I have more than one child skating. Do they each need their own account?

It is best if each child has their own account (user name and password). The new system uses email addresses as a unique identifier so each child would need to use a different email address.  In the future, in order to make sure we have the right number of instructors for each class, we will request that students reserve a spot in the class they want to attend. In order to easily reserve a spot, each child would need their own account. More information will be shared about the reservation process before it begins.

If I have more than one child skating, will they be able to share Freestyle sessions or Public Skate Sessions like they could in the old system?

If you purchase credits for Freestyle sessions or credits for Public Skate sessions, your children’s accounts can be linked so they can both pull from the same package of credits. Checking in to public sessions quickly multiple times from the same account is difficult. If at all possible, buy separate frequent skater for each child to avoid delays. When your children check into a freestyle session, the ice monitors will be able to validate if the accounts are linked or will be able to put a request to link them. 

Any questions? Call or email.

Mark Janoschak

Sugar Land Ice & Sports Center

Skating Director

281-265-7465 ext. 3


Looking for an exciting, healthy activity that can become a lifelong passion? How about a cool place to hang out with your friends? Or maybe you’d like to become the next Sidney Crosby or Tara Lipinski? Take a class at the Sugar Land Ice & Sports Center and discover the fun of skating.

Sugar Land Ice & Sports Center offers one of the largest Learn to Skate Programs in the country. Designed to incorporate US Figure Skating’s Basic Skills program, Learn to Skate takes skaters from first steps on the ice in Snowplow Sam classes to more advanced skills in the Freestyle courses. Lifelong learners will enjoy Adult classes while those interested in team sports will enjoy hockey. Sugar Land Ice is sure to offer a class for every interest and skill level.


Skating School Benefits

Skate rental included for classes & practices
– 10% discount on Pro-Shop merchandise
– Achievement awards and badge testing
– Unlimited $6.00 public sessions (2-hours sessions)
– Unlimited $8.00 public sessions (3-hour sessions)

"Same Class” Incentive
Enroll in the same class twice a week and receive the second class for half price! (½ price!)

LTS Class Descriptions